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About Say Their Name Challenge

In honor of Child Loss Awareness Month this October, we created the #SayTheirNameChallenge to empower people to talk about children that have passed away, keep their memory alive and ensure no child's name is ever forgotten. You probably know someone who has lost a child. You can do something. Today is the day! SAY THEIR NAME!

How do I participate?

STEP 1: POST a photo or video to your social media using #saytheirnamechallenge. Express the child's name any way you like.

STEP 2: In your post, TAG two other people you want to CHALLENGE. Now it's their turn to share the child's name they want to honor.

STEP 3: Make a DONATION to the #SayTheirNameChallenge supporting Faith’s Lodge, a place where parents and families coping with the death or medically complex condition of a child can go to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future.​

All new donations made during this challenge will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $10,000, by the Richard Schulze Family Foundation!

Why Should I Participate?

Most of us know someone who has lost a child. Parents who have lost a child often fear their child will be forgotten. No one knows what to say, so they say nothing at all. It’s not too late to speak up. Break the silence and say something.

"Remembering their child with them and saying their child’s name is a gift. Acknowledge who they’re missing. Be the one who remembers." ~Angela Miller


Text Your Photos to 512-920-5521 using the keyword SAYTHEIRNAME or share on Twitter/Instagram using #SayTheirNameChallenge

Faith's Lodge supports parents and families facing the death or medically complex condition of a child. It is the only dedicated facility of its kind in the United States. In its North Woods setting, Faith's Lodge provides a peaceful escape for families to refresh their minds and spirits while spending time with others who understand what they are experiencing. Faiths Lodge: A Place Where Hope Grows. To learn more, visit